"While my family and I had already experienced such trauma from the death of a family member, we didn't have the legal savviness to hold all parties accountable.  Save Our Sons helped us quickly understand our rights and navigated us through a very complex and bias system."

A. Johnson, North Carolina

"I fully endorse Save our Sons for their ability to explain all our options, guide us through the process and strategize with us to make sure the system worked for us.  This is something that Legal Aid did not do.  Save Our Sons is a community resource that we simply are not safe without."

C. Williams, North Carolina

"When I really needed legal advice and counsel, Save Our Sons was there with in-depth knowledge and expertise.  I was about to make a decision solely based on the information I had.  Thank God, I was able to speak with their lead analyst, she helped me understand the process from an entirely different perspective.  This helped me make the best decision for me and my family.  ​

J. Jones, Washington, DC

"Thak you so much Save Our sons for being my counsel in the midst of such pain, fear and confusion.  I don't know what I would have done without you."

T. Myers, North Carolina

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